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Description Read more. For one reason or another, none have stuck; today, however, that changes, with the release of Apollo. Reddit purchased third-party client Alien Blue in This past Spring, Reddit launched its first official client. Many of Alien Blue's features found their way into the official client. However, one notable exception was iPad support. Today, Reddit updated its official client to support the iPad. The UI of the iPad version is the same as the iPhone version, but with margins added to the left and right sides of the screen to avoid it looking like the content is stretched out.

As a result there is a lot of white space if you use the app in landscape mode. This installment first appeared in MacStories Weekly 28 and is being published here at the request of Club members. Ongoing Development focuses on issues facing app developers and others in creative fields that rely on the web to reach an audience. Previous installments have covered topics like app marketing strategies and making the time to tackle new projects.

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That evening, Apple pulled several third party Reddit clients for violating App Review rule Apps that contain user generated content that is frequently pornographic e. Sounds awful right? Narwhal's developer who spoke to Gizmodo said:. Today, we received notice that our new update with a lot of great new features was rejected under the App Store rule Apps with sexually explicit content are not appropriate for the App Store.

You can argue with the policy choice Apple made and rightly point out that every browser violates Rule The part where Apple decided that a feature that was in some of these apps for over a year violated rule These weren't new apps pushing boundaries, these were existing approved apps. The only thing that changed was Apple's interpretation of its own rule.

Federico wasn't joking when he tweeted that he feels like he's writing an App Review story every week. This particular story came and went quickly, in part because the developers affected scrambled to update their apps and Apple expedited review. But the implications of the shoot first, ask questions later approach to App Review bear further examination because they has lasting negative effects on the developer community and, ultimately, Apple and its customers.

This sort of out-of-the-blue, unilateral action legitimately strikes fear into the hearts of developers. This is no exaggeration. I don't know a developer who hasn't had a run-in with App Review and wondered, 'Maybe this is it. This is where my my app dies. I can imagine that some at Apple may roll their eyes at this as an overreaction, or be a little offended at the implied lack of trust, but step into developers' shoes.

In the absence of meaningful communication by Apple of its intentions, it's stories like the Reddit client take-downs that shape developers' behavior. And as Federico noted, it's not like this is an isolated story, it's one of a long string of similar stories that make developers jumpy.

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What bothers me the most about this incident is how Apple implemented its policy change. There was no imminent threat or emergency that made Reddit clients any more a threat than they were twelve months prior, but nonetheless Apple summarily pulled them and offered to reconsider the apps if the developers resubmitted.

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For one reason or another, none have stuck; today, however, that changes, with the release of Apollo. Developers took note. Not only is it free, the UI and buttons are laid out incredibly well, you can have multiple accounts to switch between, messages and comments are easy to respond to, and best of all the developer is very responsive. You also don't get access to trending subs. It also gathers your subreddits in a dedicated tab, but it doesn't allow you to reorder your list — alphabetical is the only order.

The developers worked through the night, resubmitted their apps and many were back on the App Store by the next morning. As a result, the story barely got traction and, while Apple may have avoided an onslaught of bad press, the damage was done.

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Got the XS yesterday. am moving from Android. Downloaded all the apps that I use daily (bank, news, weather, messaging, etc). But wondering. for Reddit. Download Slide for Reddit and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Take Slide everywhere you go with the sleek new Slide app for Apple Watch! .. Age Rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download this app.

Developers took note. So what to do? Probably the other reason this episode bothers me as much as it does is that it seems like the solution is obvious. I will grant that it's easy for me to say that sitting here blissfully ignorant of many of the issues Apple faces, but just because it may be a hard problem to solve isn't an excuse not to try.

Apple needs to define when apps can and should be pulled from the App Store without advance warning and make that clear to developers. Those circumstances no doubt exist, such as where there is an immediate threat to customers or their data, but in circumstances like this, where a feature has been in apps for over a year, developers should be given advance notice of any policy change and a fair period of time to make adjustments before an app is pulled from the Store. I also think that it's time for Apple to appoint an internal advocacy group for third party developers.

A group that takes developers' calls, attends conferences, and is a voice for developers when policy choices like this are made. The distrust caused by events like this is the sort of thing that is not easily fixed and will erode developer support for iOS in the long term if it's not addressed.

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That's not good for Apple or its customers. It's hard enough to build a sustainable business on the App Store.

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Making app take-down stories a thing of the past would go a long way toward eliminating some of the negative sentiment we saw in the MacStories developer poll. With features like Siri Shortcuts integration, rain predictions, animated weather maps, and an Apple Watch app, Carrot Weather is one of our favorite iOS apps here at 9to5Mac.


Donut County is a mindless, story-based physics puzzle game that imagines a world where raccoons have taken over. Even though Twitter has tried its best to hurt third-party Twitter clients, Tweetbot remains my go-to choice on iOS. If you receive or send a lot of packages, Deliveries for iOS is a must have application. It allows you to see all of your packages across different shipping companies in a single, easy to use interface.

Desert Golfing has been one of my favorite indie games on iOS for a long time.

Despite having played it for years, I never get tired of it and its incredibly simple, yet tricky concept. Last on our best iOS apps list is the sleep tracking app AutoSleep. It supports Apple Watch tracking and was recently updated with a brand new interface and much more. These are only some of the best iOS apps to download with your new iTunes gift card.

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One of the best things about iOS is its abundance of third-party apps, utilities, games, and more. Have additional recommendations? Let us know down in the comments.