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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Slow Charging Problem [How To Fix] This is not the first email we received about the issue. In fact, in previous emails, we were able to narrow down the problem so easily considering it started to manifest right after a firmware upgrade. But that is not the case in recent emails we received.

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There is a ton of possible reasons why this problem happens but the following are the things you could do in case you encounter this issue. Also read: Many are used to charging this phone using their laptops or computers. It charges but does take longer time to complete. Now you get the logic why charging your phone through these machines would take a little more time to complete.

(How to) charge your note 2 faster..

Turn off phone while charging. Check the battery for possible quick draining issue. If the battery drains faster than usual, it is the reason why it takes so long to charge.

Rapid Charging

We have published an article on how to troubleshoot this problem, we urge you to read it. Or, you could use a different charger for your device.

(How to) charge your note 2 faster.. | Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N, N

I had the same issue as you with a replacement that claimed to be the same as the stock one, but when I ordered one from ebay it worked properly. I had the same problem of slow charging with the stock charger and attached data cable. I changed the data cable and it started to charge normally again.

I have a Galaxy Note 2. And for some reason, it literally charges slow. Just be aware that phone calls and text messages will not work while Airplane Mode is on, so if you're expecting something important, you'll have to charge your device the traditional way.

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If you have the option between a laptop and a wall charger, always choose the wall charger. Charging your device via your laptop will be significantly slower than if you charged it from a proper AC power outlet.

Your computer's USB port does not deliver the same amount of power as the wall charger plugged directly into the wall can. One reason for this is that your computer's USB port does not deliver a constant amount of power.

The amount of power it generates out to your device all depends on several variables, such as the software and hardware on the computer, the amount of USB ports being used, and using your computer while simultaneously charging the device. The other reason that you should charge your device via the wall charger is because these adapters are specifically designed to charge your device at its maximum level. The wall plugs all charge faster than the USB specification of mA at 5V which are the specs for my MacBook; it differs in all computers.

If Airplane Mode isn't enough for you, you can try lowering the screen brightness on your Galaxy Note 2. Its gorgeous display can become a double-edged sword, with the self-harm being endured when it comes to battery life. Lowering the screen brightness not only charges your phone quicker, but will help keep your phone alive longer, thus taking you out of situations where you need to charge your device quickly! Better yet, you can turn off your phone and charge it. That way, your device won't use any battery while being charged, thus maximizing the potential for battery charge to its highest potential!

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The fastest way I have found is simply buying an aftermarket usb cord that is a lot shorter. I have one that is 18 inches long and it charges a lot faster. It was a while back.

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I bought like 5 cables of many different lengths. Also a good place to buy HDMI or any other cables.

How-To: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Qi Wireless charging

The length has minimal impact on the charge rate it's the size of the wire you are using. As a rough rule of thumb, the more amps your charger can feed, the faster it'll charge your phone. Laptop USB plugs usually only output half an amp. Desktops computers and powered USB hubs will typically feed 1 amp sometimes 2 , where as the charger that comes with the Note feeds 2 amps 4x more than your laptop. In the case of the Note 2, there is always the option to purchase a second battery with an external battery charger.

Saves a lot of hassle if you really need the extra juice. I'm having trouble getting my battery to charge like it charged before I flashed it.

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Any suggestions?